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HQ all up in a bus back to Dublin for a whiskey tour and for a hurling game.

The Teelings Whiskey distillery was nice enough to give us a morning tour in this lovely Sunday morning. Not quite there yet with the construction still going on, but when it is completed in a few weeks it will be off the chains. Beautiful facility and have been methodically developing the whiskeys over the last few years. 


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HQ all up in Belfast wandering around and in the Titanic Museum

long day of walking around, one less day in a bus which is fine with me. Black cab tour was deep. Seeing the peacewalls was incredible, in a positive and negative way. It represents so much violence, emulates a peaceful barrier yet there are still troubles. Religion does nothing but divide sometimes. 

 On a lighter note I had a fantastic lunch with Jan and company. It was awesome to sit down and have no time restrictions and just relax. 

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HQ all up in a Belfast bound Bus early as… and visiting the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP)

Fantastic day honestly, but the group had a rough start for various reasons. Driving to Belfast was fairly quick and painless and we got straight into a tour of the Titanic Dock. Fascinating and incredible engineering in so many ways… Check the pics. 


We returned to have 4 guest speakers for the afternoon (1 prior to lunch). While I liked Brian at the end, I wish we had more time to pick his brain and chat with him. Of all the people I would say right now, Alister had the biggest (and corkiest) impact. His “observe everything” and “pay attention to the details” resonated perfectly with some of my beliefs. I’m all about being aware of my surroundings and knowing what’s going on, but to take that a step further with customers and clients… that is what’s forgotten a lot. You have to be keenly aware and almost train yourself to recognize (or observe?) opportunities for a potential business. And when it comes down to it, focus on the details of your customer or product, I mean real deep impactful appeal of your product or service im relation to the customer or client. 



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HQ all up in Nuritas doing a project and meeting the Founder

We met the founder of Nuritas today, Dr. Nora Khaldi. Upon first meeting her, you can see her passion for what they are doing and how impactful this little company could be. Backed by her charm, the incredible mathematics and scientific research on functional food, and the CEO’s drive I belive this company is going places. I’m excited that can help in some fashion. A fresh perspective from four MBA’s and a good dose of bluntness should, hopefully, prod them in the right direction. Or at least I would like to think it will help. We’ll see…

Our train ride in this morning. We have been lucky with the weather, although it rained in the afternoon. It was quite nice for the commutes.

So, Alex said jump so we could try to get a picture where you are “gravitating.” This is the result. We had mixed results. A bit awkward if you ask me, it was even more so trying to get this picture. Yikes…

Beautiful view right before it rained on the Dun Laoghaire pier. Cheers!

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HQ all up in Nuritas and asking questions – Wednesday May 27th

Wednesday started off fast with a few morning meetings at Nuritas. Great meetings and time flew by, which is good. It’s a good sign, it means that the work is interesting and piquing my interest. This is a picture from the train station at Dun Laoghaire train station looking out over part of the pier. This is only a half block from the offices, which is more of a little yellow house if you ask me. Either way, totes adorbs.

Picture from the front step of Nuritas. This was after a long afternoon of meetings and then going over the structure and team roles of the Nuritas project. It’s good to remember to take a break every now and again. It helps to step back, reflect on the work finished, take a deep breath, and then refocus on the task at hand. Great day and I’m excited with the direction of the project and team.

Get on out of this piece ma ninja….

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HQ all up in the Dáil Éireann and Nuritas offices  Tuesday May 26th

We started today off right heading to the St. Stephan’s Green and finding our way to the Department of Foreign Affairs. Quite a lovely tour of the old 1700 house, former residence of a the Guinness family that was donated to the State. Our second stop was a few blocks away at the Dáil Éireann, which is more or less the parliamentary headquarters (The House of Representatives and Senate). Reflecting back our lecture at the Dept. of Foreign Affairs it was interesting to hear Rrory (?) talk about the ambassadors, business, and Ireland as pertains to the European Union. In particular, a common theme came up again. It revolved around companies not taking risks and trying to develop the international networks since the domestic marketplace was/is quite limited. Imagine if Ireland did not join the EU in 1973 and they were not able to do business or export/import with other european nations. They would be set up for long-term failure, again and again. That would be the equivalent of 3/4 of Colorado being completely coastal and having no trade or very limited business opportunities outside the state borders and quite possibly having a hard time even interacting with surrounding states. It severely limits your network, relations, and business prospects.

Inside the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Having tea – I do not drink tea really. Or eat cookies in this manner for that matter… but when in Ireland, pinkies up.

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HQ all up in Trinity college classrooms with some lectures

Since there were so many speakers today I am going to just pick one that resonated with me. While I liked the Teeling Whiskey fellow, I quite liked Paul Byrne and his story about his software company Trintech. He was obviously experienced in the field and had multiple businesses/partnerships prior to get to where he was. Honestly, you cannot say it anymore clearly than people (and corporations) should NOT fear failure. While it is assumed there is plenty of thought and deliberation put into decisions, taking a few educated risks is necessary to succeed. Even if the first decision or business fails. You can absolutely learn from those experiences, probably more than the decisions that work out immediately. I am 100% on board with this line of thinking and I think it makes you stronger personally and professionally. It is fine to admit failure, think about the mistakes, reflect, and take action in the future to avoid that “bad” decision. It is all a learning process and there is so much to learn personally and develop professionally from failures of businesses or decisions that do not end up working in your favor. 


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