HQ all up in a Belfast bound Bus early as… and visiting the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP)

29 May

Fantastic day honestly, but the group had a rough start for various reasons. Driving to Belfast was fairly quick and painless and we got straight into a tour of the Titanic Dock. Fascinating and incredible engineering in so many ways… Check the pics. 


We returned to have 4 guest speakers for the afternoon (1 prior to lunch). While I liked Brian at the end, I wish we had more time to pick his brain and chat with him. Of all the people I would say right now, Alister had the biggest (and corkiest) impact. His “observe everything” and “pay attention to the details” resonated perfectly with some of my beliefs. I’m all about being aware of my surroundings and knowing what’s going on, but to take that a step further with customers and clients… that is what’s forgotten a lot. You have to be keenly aware and almost train yourself to recognize (or observe?) opportunities for a potential business. And when it comes down to it, focus on the details of your customer or product, I mean real deep impactful appeal of your product or service im relation to the customer or client. 



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