Saturday May 23rd – HQ all up in Dublin/Guinness

23 May

What’s crackin people???

We got an early start and met Jan and the crew at Kilmainham Gaol jail at 8:45am. Good thing we were there 45 minutes before it opened. Not one person was in line until about 15 minutes before they opened. Jan mentioned that if you’re “on time” you’re late, if you’re “early” then you are on time. This was my existential life lesson for the day, provided right out of the gate at 9 am.

I learned some solid history about Ireland and their “founding fathers,” even though at the time people were not so pleased with the uprising and fighting that came out of it. The history about Charles Parnell was particularly interesting and he had ties to America and then eventually was elected into the House of Commons in the UK. A rather dark founding history, similar to the U.S. and other countries sadly.

To liven the day up we headed to the Guinness factory about a mile away and had a pint or 3. There was quite the band in the 4th floor bar, playing (from what I could tell) traditional Irish pub music with a violin, base, acoustic guitar. and an accordion looking instrument. I suspect I’ll find out more about the music and instruments as I frequent the local watering holes.

 Tonights dinner is on Jan and the school, so I have that to look forward to. See ya on the flip side!


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