Sunday – May 24th – HQ all up in a castle and Howth

24 May

I started early to book a tour at the tourist office at 8:30am. Alex, Courtney and I all met up at 13 O’Connelly street to catch a half day bus tour to Malahide Castle and then to Howth. Beginning to understand the semi-grid that is Dublin streets a bit more. Malahide Castle was pretty small but quite unique to Irelands (war) history, specifically the Battle of the Boyne. The Talbot family lived there for more than 700 years and the furniture, pictures, and stories are amazing. We wandered the botanic gardens after the castle tour and were greeted near the rose garden by a thunderous peacock. An interesting and brave bird indeed.

The second part of journey was driving along the coastline to Howth, which was spectacular. The beach views and sea breeze leave me desiring more since I live in Colorado. Although a quick stop, we managed to walk through the open market, order some fish in chips to go, grab a pint for the wait, check out the harbor, and spot some grey seals. These double decker buses make a killing just driving people around to destinations and telling them about the area.

 Off to the gym to work off the fish and chips grease gut bomb… In another life I wish I was a professional eater. I’m just under an all-pro right now, working on it.


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