Friday May 22nd – HQ all up in Ireland…

23 May

Friday May 22nd. I arrived via Galway earlier in the day to Dublin. Apparently, the buses take twice as long as the trains from certain cities. Surprisingly nice weather, except I was on the bus. Beautiful countryside between here and Galway. A million shades of green and plenty of sheep and cows.

My first navigation challenge came when the bus driver let me off at Busaraus station, which I kept asking him is this Connelly station. He failed to tell me that it is not the same station, but right next door, quite confusing. Anyways, only a short 8-10 block walk to the Trinity campus which was nice. The city is pretty easy to navigate and figuring out where I was and where I wanted to go was easy enough. Communication with classmates via technology was going to be the challenge with no wifi.

We met Jan in the courtyard outside the accommodation check in spot at 6 pm and he gave us the low-down. Short and sweet, nothing much because it sounded like he wanted everyone to take it easy for the first day and get a god rest. What a swell guy that Jan is….

Hasta Manana!

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