HQ all up in the Dáil Éireann and Nuritas offices  Tuesday May 26th

26 May

We started today off right heading to the St. Stephan’s Green and finding our way to the Department of Foreign Affairs. Quite a lovely tour of the old 1700 house, former residence of a the Guinness family that was donated to the State. Our second stop was a few blocks away at the Dáil Éireann, which is more or less the parliamentary headquarters (The House of Representatives and Senate). Reflecting back our lecture at the Dept. of Foreign Affairs it was interesting to hear Rrory (?) talk about the ambassadors, business, and Ireland as pertains to the European Union. In particular, a common theme came up again. It revolved around companies not taking risks and trying to develop the international networks since the domestic marketplace was/is quite limited. Imagine if Ireland did not join the EU in 1973 and they were not able to do business or export/import with other european nations. They would be set up for long-term failure, again and again. That would be the equivalent of 3/4 of Colorado being completely coastal and having no trade or very limited business opportunities outside the state borders and quite possibly having a hard time even interacting with surrounding states. It severely limits your network, relations, and business prospects.

Inside the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Having tea – I do not drink tea really. Or eat cookies in this manner for that matter… but when in Ireland, pinkies up.

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