HQ all up in Nuritas doing a project and meeting the Founder

28 May

We met the founder of Nuritas today, Dr. Nora Khaldi. Upon first meeting her, you can see her passion for what they are doing and how impactful this little company could be. Backed by her charm, the incredible mathematics and scientific research on functional food, and the CEO’s drive I belive this company is going places. I’m excited that can help in some fashion. A fresh perspective from four MBA’s and a good dose of bluntness should, hopefully, prod them in the right direction. Or at least I would like to think it will help. We’ll see…

Our train ride in this morning. We have been lucky with the weather, although it rained in the afternoon. It was quite nice for the commutes.

So, Alex said jump so we could try to get a picture where you are “gravitating.” This is the result. We had mixed results. A bit awkward if you ask me, it was even more so trying to get this picture. Yikes…

Beautiful view right before it rained on the Dun Laoghaire pier. Cheers!

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