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HQ all up in Dublin Castle and the U.S. embassy in Dublin, then the farewell dinner. 

Today is selfie Thursday and we wanted to thank our fearless leader “Jan the Man.” 


Today at Dublin Castle at the Global Irish Civic Forum. 


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HQ all up in a presentation and team dinner with Nuritas.

Great day today, we wrapped up a project and worked on quite a few other pieces of our program for Jan the man. Our company project was stopped mid way through and challenged and it was good to be thrown off. We worked hard on our company project and per the CEO it got off track. We stayed positive and explained our vision of the company and views, but I think it was intended to be constructive and be positive. It is absolutely something we can learn from. Ask me about it and I’ll give you my two cents. 
For the rest of the post…. A picture is worth a thousand words. 🍞🐦


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HQ all up in the Nuritas offices wrapping up our project and interviewing the founder about Leadership. 

The bank holiday yesterday must have still been on everyone’s mind because the train and offices were not thriving to say the least. Case of the Mondays, except on Tuesday for our office and commuters everywhere. Just my observation on the commute. 

Team Nuritas killed it and did a bunch of work last week to put us in a position today to refine and go over it with an employee. It was great to go through our presentation and paper so we can refine and hear the feedback. All positive from what I am hearing especially with the scope and timeline. The pessimist in me says there needs to be more, the optimist says we did a lot in a short amount of time and we can’t get details on everything. We focused on the power of why article by Simon Sinek and wanted to help focus their business and customer, while focusing on 5-6 things that help build the brand. 

Other than that not too much exciting things going down. Jan the man has us working hard. A carvery dinner at O’Neills will set me straight. And by straight I mean I am going to go to sleep with the meat sweats since the portion sizes are absurd. I like it…


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HQ all up in Trinity College and doing work

Pretty uneventful bank holiday for me here in Dublin. We got a good overview of the other group projects which was good insight. No pictures for today. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. 

Alex and I had a lovely man date to a fantastic rustic breakfast place off of St. Stephens Green. It rained pretty much all day here and this is what I expected when I came to Ireland. 

I spent the afternoon on my Leasership strategy paper for Jan, then spent a solid 4 hours on a virtual new employee orientation for the company I will be working for a week from today. I need to go run or workout, tend to get annoyed if I don’t have an outlet. 

Going to get a burrito and I’m excited. As I always am, to eat. 


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HQ all up in a bus back to Dublin for a whiskey tour and for a hurling game.

The Teelings Whiskey distillery was nice enough to give us a morning tour in this lovely Sunday morning. Not quite there yet with the construction still going on, but when it is completed in a few weeks it will be off the chains. Beautiful facility and have been methodically developing the whiskeys over the last few years. 


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HQ all up in Belfast wandering around and in the Titanic Museum

long day of walking around, one less day in a bus which is fine with me. Black cab tour was deep. Seeing the peacewalls was incredible, in a positive and negative way. It represents so much violence, emulates a peaceful barrier yet there are still troubles. Religion does nothing but divide sometimes. 

 On a lighter note I had a fantastic lunch with Jan and company. It was awesome to sit down and have no time restrictions and just relax. 

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HQ all up in a Belfast bound Bus early as… and visiting the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP)

Fantastic day honestly, but the group had a rough start for various reasons. Driving to Belfast was fairly quick and painless and we got straight into a tour of the Titanic Dock. Fascinating and incredible engineering in so many ways… Check the pics. 


We returned to have 4 guest speakers for the afternoon (1 prior to lunch). While I liked Brian at the end, I wish we had more time to pick his brain and chat with him. Of all the people I would say right now, Alister had the biggest (and corkiest) impact. His “observe everything” and “pay attention to the details” resonated perfectly with some of my beliefs. I’m all about being aware of my surroundings and knowing what’s going on, but to take that a step further with customers and clients… that is what’s forgotten a lot. You have to be keenly aware and almost train yourself to recognize (or observe?) opportunities for a potential business. And when it comes down to it, focus on the details of your customer or product, I mean real deep impactful appeal of your product or service im relation to the customer or client. 



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