HQ all up in the Nuritas offices wrapping up our project and interviewing the founder about Leadership. 

02 Jun

The bank holiday yesterday must have still been on everyone’s mind because the train and offices were not thriving to say the least. Case of the Mondays, except on Tuesday for our office and commuters everywhere. Just my observation on the commute. 

Team Nuritas killed it and did a bunch of work last week to put us in a position today to refine and go over it with an employee. It was great to go through our presentation and paper so we can refine and hear the feedback. All positive from what I am hearing especially with the scope and timeline. The pessimist in me says there needs to be more, the optimist says we did a lot in a short amount of time and we can’t get details on everything. We focused on the power of why article by Simon Sinek and wanted to help focus their business and customer, while focusing on 5-6 things that help build the brand. 

Other than that not too much exciting things going down. Jan the man has us working hard. A carvery dinner at O’Neills will set me straight. And by straight I mean I am going to go to sleep with the meat sweats since the portion sizes are absurd. I like it…


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